Skills of Future Workforce Depend on Today’s Teachers

By Patipat Kittichokwattana

According to the World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report 2018 that assessed how teachers teach their students. One of those indices is the critical thinking in teaching which investigated whether teachers focus on memorizing or critical thinking.

The indicator of critical thinking in teaching derived from the Executive Opinion Survey with a question as “In your country, how do you assess the style of teaching?” that ranges from 1 = frontal, teacher based, and focused on memorizing to 7 = encourages creative and critical individual thinking.

Rank/140 Country Score 1-7 (best)
16 Malaysia 4.7
21 Singapore 4.4
23 Philippines 4.4
29 Indonesia 4.2
52 Brunei Darussalam 3.7
62 Cambodia 3.5
87 Lao PDR 3.2
97 Thailand 3.1
113 Viet Nam 2.9

Source: World Economic Forumglobal Competitiveness Report 2018

According to the results of the Southeast Asian countries (excluded Myanmar), Malaysian teachers gained 4.7 out of 7 score which ranked the first in ASEAN and 16th among 140 participated countries. Congratulations to Malaysian students, the score demonstrated that the critical thinking teaching style had been used throughout the country.

In fact, Malaysia scored above Singapore in many important indicators such as staff training, skillset of secondary-education graduates, ease of finding skilled employees, ease of hiring foreign labor, internal labor mobility, growth of innovative companies, etc. Keeping its competitiveness could encourage Malaysia to be a developed country in the near future.

Followed by Singapore (4.4), Philippines (4.4), Indonesia (4.2), Brunei (3.7), Cambodia (3.5). So sad, the countries that gained lower than half of 7 were; Lao (3.2), Thailand (3.1), and Viet Nam (2.9).

Thai teachers were the second lowest using critical thinking style. We were left behind Lao and Cambodia, maybe Myanmar too.

A question to Thai teachers is needed. If the future of Thailand depends on the skillful workforces and the future workforces depend on today’s teachers, is it time to consider the changing of teaching style?

How the bright future of workforce would look like?

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Patipat Kittichokwattana is an apprentice writer of PaddyNews. Currently, he is taking PhD in Public Administration at the COLGIS, UUM.