Music journey

By Patipat Kittichokwattana

I never dream a lot. One of my dreams when I was young related to music. It was just to own a music shop, selling music albums, and writing a music column in some magazines. And if I would like to try to be a rock-music columnist, I hope you will like it. But hold on, let’s thinking about what kind of writing do I prefer? Umm…while I cannot decide it, I had better find out the good ones and imitate it. Yeh…there were two music magazines I remember well, and it can be my inspiration.

The first was Bunterng Kadee (บันเทิงคดี) founded by Manoch Puttal, my idol. I think this was an amazing rock magazine. Because though all pages in the magazine contained only western rock music columns but it could survive during the rise of Thai pop era. The days that the rock duo “Asnee-Wasan”, the pop star “Bird Thongchai”, and GMM Grammy Record dominated music market.

This magazine introduced me to the blues man “Eric Clapton”. Although many rock stars out there, but he was the most impressive musician to me. I loved his song a lot, but I still can remember the day I nearly spent all my monthly money on the Eric Clapton 4-CD album set title “Crossroads.” Imagine, a high school student wearing school uniform went to the department store to buy a blues rock album after school ended. And today, the album is becoming a collectible item.

The second was “the Quiet Storm”. It was a kind of underground magazine because the columns contained mostly heavy metal music that was not familiar to regular people that day. It introduced me to Led Zeppelin, Queen, Deep Purple, Kiss, Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osborne, Black Sabbath, and so forth. The writing style was so aggressive and full of offensive words. But it was quite popular among some groups, especially hardcore listeners who loved exceptional music genre.

Iron Maiden was my spectacular band. The album cover was quite unique. The pictures of “Eddie”, the skinless zombie figure who appeared on the cover of every Iron Maiden albums. The songs were salient to dual guitarists who played strong rifts, dense bass and drums sound, and complex verses arrangement. Death and satanic lyrics triggered exciting and thrilling. This kind of feeling you could not find it in the pop music.

Those two magazines guided me to the songs that contrast to the mainstream Thai pop and led me dive deeper to the universe of music. Certainly, blues and heavy metal rocks are not the end of music appreciation. There are a lot of music genres in this world you should listen. Just open your mind.

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Patipat Kittichokwattana is a paddynews writer